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Patsy Brown joins the Clark County Bar Association

THE HAYNES CO. is proud to announce that Patsy Brown has joined the Clark County Bar Association and is a member in good standing.

The Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) is a 501(c)(6), non-profit organization with annual membership opportunities for attorneys, judges, legal assistants, legal secretaries, law students, and merchants. While membership is concentrated in southern Nevada, CCBA also has members scattered throughout the state and nation.

This Association is organized to encourage the practice of law as a profession; to promote the administration of justice; to encourage a thorough and continuing legal education; to maintain the honor and integrity of the legal profession; to promote high ethical standards of professional conduct; and to cultivate social fellowship and camaraderie among its Members.


Patsy Brown's specialty is contract law and she worked as the administrative manager of The Law Office of Ellison & Associates in California. Patsy Brown worked as the in-house lawyer for her family's international and stateside businesses. Patsy Brown is a Federal Contractor with 15+ years experience, a Business Owner with 25+ years experience and a Philanthropist. Prior to being a contract lawyer, Patsy Brown was a restaurateur with several locations in Southern California and operated an international product development firm. Patsy Brown is a member in good standing of the Clark County Bar Association and earned a professional law degree from Taft College in California. Patsy Brown is not licensed by the Nevada Star Bar.

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