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Andre' Haynes


Andre' Haynes is a highly accomplished business development consultant and subject matter expert, providing invaluable guidance to the State of Nevada, State Bar of Nevada, and City of Las Vegas through leadership roles in various committees. His expertise extends to the academic realm, where he serves as an adjunct instructor at community colleges. With licenses and certifications in Document Preparation, Immigration, Loan Signings, and Notary, Andre' Haynes brings a diverse skill set to his consultancy. His professional journey includes a successful tenure as a major record company executive, national concert promoter, and publicist. Beyond his professional endeavors, Andre' Haynes is deeply committed to community service, serving as a Director/Member of local chapters of the American Diabetes Association, Lions Club, and Rotary Club, showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the business realm.

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Patsy Brown


Patsy Brown is a seasoned legal professional specializing in contract law, with a wealth of experience in various roles. She served as the administrative manager at The Law Office of Ellison & Associates in California, bringing her expertise to the field of law. Patsy also worked as an in-house lawyer for her family's international and stateside businesses, showcasing her versatility. With over 15 years as a Federal Contractor, 25+ years as a Business Owner, and a philanthropic inclination, Patsy Brown has a multifaceted professional background. Before her career in contract law, she successfully operated several restaurants in Southern California and ran an international product development firm. Actively engaged in the legal community, Patsy serves on the State Bar of Nevada's Fee Dispute Arbitration Committee and is a member of the Clark County Bar Association. She earned her professional law degree from Taft College in California, solidifying her commitment to legal excellence.

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