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THE HAYNES CO. will form your Nevada Limited Partnership. THE HAYNES CO. will provide the following: (1) Registered Agent Service for 12 months, (2) Statewide Name Search, (3) Certificate of Limited Partnership, (4) Partnership Charter, (5) Initial List of Partners, (6) Limited Partnership Agreement, (7) Employer Identification Number (EIN) and (11) 1 FREE Quarterly Telephone Consultation. After you receive your Records Book with official documents from THE HAYNES CO., you will be ready to open your business bank account, rent an office, hire employees, enter into legally binding agreements and more.

Limited Partnership

  • Fees with the NV Secretary of State include Certificate of Limited Partnership: $75, Initial List of Partners; $150 and Nevada State Business License: $200. Fees with THE HAYNES CO. include Consulting: $250; Registered Agent: $250; Document Preparation: $500; Printing: $25 and Records Book: $100.

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